Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My Favourite T in the Park Performances

Never go to a festival when you're already sick - even if you did pay £200 for the ticket. Because when you get back you'll be a blob of a person. A blob of a human being, who can no longer form a proper blog post, and instead coughs and sneezes on her keyboard.

So today, this blog post is brought to you by a cop out of youtube videos and a couple of captions. Because I think my laptop just short circuited from all the snot.


I was almost tempted to just post Ben Howard five times and call it a list, but great journalism means not dry humping Ben Howard's leg 24/7. So all I will say is that at the front of that massive crowd, is me crying like a baby making wolf noises, while crying out 'WHY AREN'T I HAVING A THREESOME WITH YOU AND YOUR GUITAR BEN HOWARD?!'

Yes,  this probably did make my boyfriend uncomfortable.

2. Bombay Bicycle Club

Everyone goes on and on about how great these guys are live, and it's really annoying how right everyone was.

This performance holds a special place in my heart because half way through their set my face was up on the big screen. Great music and having my vanity stroked equals a good performance all around.

3. Amy McDonald

Funny story, I actually wanted to go Two Door Cinema Club at this time but standing on my own at the NME stage was too scary. Instead I hid away in the safety of the King Tut tent where this lady happened to be playing. And it was awesome.

For an hour and half I actually thought I was Scottish. I even sang with the accent.

4. Snow Patrol

Until you've sang in time with thousands of other people, you've never lived. Literally everyone at that festival sang a long, I'm pretty sure Scotland itself was singing a long. And it felt really special, I got a girly tingle in my uterus and everything.

5. Alabama Shakes

When you see Alabama Shakes come onto stage, and you've never seen them before, it can be a little surprising. You see Brittney Howard and the last thing you think is 'rock star'. But then she plays the guitar and she makes that instrument her bitch, and then she sings and makes your ears her bitch, and you realise - holy fuck, everyone with the last name Howard is amazing.

Which just proves that unless I marry Ben Howard, and become Mrs. Howard, I won't be a complete person. Fact.

Obviously there were other amazing performances at the festival, but these ones really stuck out for me. If I could find a decent video of J Cole, I would probably put that up there too. American Rappers - they just go for it, you know? But hey, if any of you guys made it down to T in the Park, or watched the BBC broadcast, let me know in the comments who was your favourite act?

Unless you want to say Nicki Minaj, because that shit you keep to yourself. 


Leave a comment and have a special place in my heart (and vagina) x