Sunday, 8 April 2012


I suppose you want to know what this is all about (it’s got wizards in the title and a dragon in the header, of course you want to know what’s happening and whether or not you’re on drugs). Hopefully I’ll be able to explain what this brain fart is.
My name is Heather. This is my blog. Not a travel blog, a food blog, or a fashion blog – just a blog. Here’s a picture of me:
Pulling weird faces makes me look better 
I don’t have that haircut anymore, here’s what it looks like now.
I'm the pale one who's squinting - sexy, right?
Having a bad gum/teeth ratio doesn’t make me a good candidate for photographs so that’s enough photographs for now. So here’s what’s this blog is really about.  
The story behind the blog:

The truth is there isn’t one. I’ve always wanted to start one but I’ve just never had the lady balls. Luckily these two girls did: Bryony and Izy. Once two people I knew in real life started blogs, and weren’t burned at the stake by people on Facebook, I figured it was time to place a balls order on amazon.

I read on that you should have a topic in mind when starting a blog, something you can write about day and night, everyday if needs be. I tossed around a few ideas. I like food but I’m too busy eating to take pretty pictures of it. I also like fashion, but I’m too money conscious to break my ‘start with 1’ rule (for those not in the know, this is where I refuse to buy anything that doesn’t start with 1 eg. £15 is good £21 is bad. Of course, this is flawed because I will also buy things under a tenner – bottom line, I’m cheap, too cheap for fashion).

And then I bought a Times subscription and started reading Caitlin Moran’s weekly column. It was funny, sometimes personal, sometimes political, and always opinionated. I thought, other than a massive pay check and a professional publication, there really isn’t much difference between this column and a blog. And with this logic in mind I realised I could do a Moran and make a blog all about... well, me. Or rather my opinions on things. Just think of me as a modern SJP, only without the weird clothes and a terrible film sequel .

So if you like long sentences and abstract metaphors, and you enjoying reading one girls rant on the world and her theories on the fancy dress shop in Headingley, then you’re in the right place. If not, and you want something a bit more polished, more informative, with pictures taken on a DSLR camera, well... sorry about that. Maybe you should have googled more efficiently?

Want to get in touch? Want to send me pictures of you in a glitter thong? (this need only apply to James Franco) Do you need some freelance shit, someone to sign for a book deal? Someone to throw your money at? Email


  1. Yay you are starting to blog! I'm glad you are joining me! xx

  2. LOVE this about me - haha.

    1. Glad you like it, I try to appear amusing :)


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